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World Pharmacists Day on 25 September.

“Pharmacy strengthening health systems” is the theme of World Pharmacists Day on 25 September. Pharmacist Day is about recognizing the important role of the pharmacists. If you are visiting a pharmacy on the day or meeting a pharmacist, make sure that you wish your pharmacist a very happy Pharmacist Day. Pharmacist Day is all about honouring our pharmacist students, friends, all those men and women, who are an integral part of the medical care. The day is about saying them “Thank You,” the words that they don’t get to hear too often. Let’s take the day as the perfect occasion for thanking them for being in the front lines of pharmacy, and having lots of patience and compassion. Let’s thank them for being committed and dealing with love and sympathy to rude patients, reading the doctors handwriting and for smiling always, in spite of working that extra hour. Pharmacist Day is about celebrating the coming of age of Pharmacy profession in India. Pharmacist Day will be a platform for communication between pharmacists from different sectors and different backgrounds and have professional inputs in the field of pharmacy.


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